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A VPS is a virtual server that shares the actual server hardware with other VPS customers. A VPS gives you most of the same benefits as a dedicated server. You can install software, you get root (Linux)/administrator (Windows) access and you get resources such as RAM dedicated to your virtual environment. Depending on the OS and the type of virtualization software used there may be some small limitations but generally speaking from the end users perspective it will seem to be a dedicated server.

How many virtual private servers share a physical host?

The number of virtual private servers that share a physical host varies from 1 to 8 depending on the type of VPS. This number is actually much less important on a Nucleus VPS than on most other VPS solutions. Nucleus sets RAM, and CPU minimums for each VPS so each VPS is not competing unchecked for the same physical resources and on linux VPS servers each separate virtual environment gets its own dedicated bandwidth. Thus, the overall performance of your VPS is not a simple function of how many virtual private servers are on the same physical host or even the computing power of that host. Nucleus carefully engineers each type of VPS to deliver top performance.

Is CentOS the only OS you offer on your Linux VPS servers?

The following choices are currently available to be installed: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Mandriva, Opensuse, Ubuntu

Do I have root access to my VPS?

Yes. You have full administrative control over your hosting environment. Every VPS has its own complete directory structure and, if ordered with a Plesk or cPanel control panel, set of dedicated services (web server, mail server, etc.). You can fully configure your server at the root level, or administrator, level and even reboot your VPS without affecting any other VPS on the same physical server.

How is a VPS better than 'shared' hosting?

A virtual private server is better than 'shared-type' hosting in terms of performance, stability, flexibility, and security. For example, because each VPSS acts like a dedicated server, your hosting environment is better protected from any abuse or heavy use of 'shared' resources by other users on the same physical host. Thus, your web sites will perform more consistently and reliably on a VPS. A VPS is also more flexible than a 'shared' hosting environment because it gives you root access so you can install any software or make almost any OS-level configuration as required for your eBusiness. Security is another reason a VPS is better than a 'shared' solution. 'Shared' hosting uses a single file system and set processes, if one account on a shared host is hacked then the entire server is compromised. In contrast, it is virtually impossible for hackers to cross-over between virtual private servers on the same host.

What can't I install on a VPS?

On the Windows VPS you can install any software that will run on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. On the Linux VPS you can only install software that will run on the linux OS and which does not require any kernel modifications. In both cases you need to be certain that you have enough CPU and RAM resources to run the application in question.

What can I do with a virtual private server?

Since a virtual private server looks and acts like a dedicated server, there are almost no limits to how it can be used. A VPS can host a small business web site or a complex, database driven online store or corporate intranet. A virtual private server also makes an excellent development platform or dedicated mail server.

If I need help setting up my server where can I go for help?

While setting up your server is your responsibility Nucleus realizes that for first time system administrators this part can be a bit daunting. We have created a series of written tutorials and flash videos to assist you in this task. In addition the Support team is there to give you guidance.


You can download these documents to view on your PC:
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Email us with any questions that you may have support @ digitalnetwork

(NEW) Fully Managed VPS

We now offer the choice of Managed or unmanaged VPS. This means that you dont need much technical knowledge to go switch from shared hosting to the more flexible and powerful option of VPS. This enables you to have more control over what runs on your system and the peace of mind in regards to the technical support etc.
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